Our resident DJs are at the core of what makes ABODE so unique and special. Taking on rising stars has always been a fundamental belief of ABODE founder Kai, with our residents now rubbing shoulders (sometimes literally) with the global elite of the DJing world every week.

This philosophy helps enable the next generation of musical taste makers to shine and gives them a platform to show what they can do. With a steadily growing fanbase, the residents of ABODE have now become a main attraction in their own right. Never content with standing still, their technical mastery combined with an arsenal of new and exciting music will be heard across some of the biggest stages and slots at ABODE in the Park.

We sat down with ABODE founder Kai to discuss how he met his residents and how far they’ve come since joining the team…


“I first met George around 5 years ago, at the time I was running an event in London called ‘Fortay’. I noticed George’s creative energy through the artwork he was creating for us and he was running his own event in Kent called ‘Agenda’ back then. He sent me a mix to be considered for future shows and the rest, as they say, is history. A lot has changed since 2013… George is now one of my best mates, a real industry nice guy that is becoming a tour de force through amazing productions and huge bookings.”  



Artikal (Stefano) is our most experienced DJ. He comes with over two decades of industry experience and is hugely adaptable. No matter what the time or setting, you can rely on him for unfaltering consistency of the highest level both musically and professionally. I met him in 2013 after coming across his mix. Having watched him receive such amazing feedback on social media I just knew I had to offer him a place on the team. Since 2014, this cheeky Londoner and a renowned family man with a heart of solid gold has been a cornerstone of the ABODE community.” 



“Ellie was my first ever female resident. From day dot it has been apparent that we share most of the same qualities (crazy, cheeky, lack of filter… you know, the fun but super genuine stuff). We met in 2014. She was playing at Fire in Vauxhall. Still, to this day, I have never seen such an energetic set in an intimate setting; she commanded the room like a sea of hypnotised cobras. The next day I put a post on Facebook asking if anybody knew who this girl was. The flurry of notifications that followed was nothing short of mind-blowing and, well… you know the rest.” 



I have been privileged to watch Will grow both as an artist and as a person over the last 6/7 years. I used to go raving in London around 2011/2012 back in the height of his Connected and Magna Carta days. Will has always been a bit of a cult hero on the London circuit, someone that a lot of people are fond of for many reasons (including myself) and is an important part of the ABODE family. He also happens to be my next door neighbour now too. What a lucky guy.” 



I met Jimmy in 2012, he played as a guest at my Fortay event and even then his sound, style and image jumped off the page at me. I knew I had to bring him to London and share him with as much of the world as possible. That’s why he was my first ever ABODE resident and he is still touring Europe and representing our family proudly.” 




“I have been fixated on these guys since 2014, I was immediately drawn to their unique sound and freshness which has put them in a league of their own in respect of the UK scene as a whole. These lads have always been grafters, they were smashing it before they became a part of ABODE. They were always going to go the distance and I’m so grateful they get to do that as part of our brand. Two of the nicest people you will ever meet and since joining only a mere 2 years ago they have helped carve ABODE into the masterpiece that it is today.”


“Without all of the above, without Peter and Joe my business partners, without my better half, Sophie, my son Freddie and the rest of my family and friends. Without a whole world out there of like-minded people, there would be no ABODE. Everything that I associate with a sense of being at home, the people around me and the feeling it brings are exactly what makes ABODE exactly what it is, home; and not just for me but everybody that chooses to make it their permanent residence.”




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